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Body & Collision Repair at Mullinax

Beauty, as the saying goes, is more than skin deep. That’s especially true for your truck, car or SUV. Surface imperfections, even small ones, can lead to larger problems and even affect the safe operation of your vehicle.

The Body Shop and Collision Center at Mullinax Ford of West Palm Beach provides both cosmetic and structural repairs that keep your vehicle looking good for as long as you own it and also preserve your resale value for when you’re ready to trade.

Common fixes include:

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Scratch and dent repair

Rocks. Shopping carts. Hail. No matter what causes them, scratches and dents are a fact of life. Our skilled body shop technicians are experienced in both paintless dent repair, which doesn’t disturb your existing paint job, and paint touch-up techniques.

Painting and paint repair

For small fixes, such as a dent repair or fender-bender, our Body Shop can exactly match your existing paint color. Or, if the Florida sun has done a number on your exterior, our painting specialists can repaint the vehicle so it looks like new.

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Rust repair

Rust spots can start as minor dents or exposure to elements such as saltwater in coastal areas. Left alone, they can damage the underlying metal and turn into large holes that threaten the vehicle’s structural integrity. Protect your investment by bringing your vehicle in at the first sign of rust.

Frame repair

Even potholes and minor fender-benders can damage the vehicle’s frame. Weakened or bent frames can affect handling and cause excessive wear to your tires and steering components, all of which can compromise your vehicle’s safety. Our Body Shop has the technology to straighten your vehicle’s frame back into its original factory specifications.

Collision damage and repair

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Accidents can cause extensive vehicle damage. The certified professionals at our state-of-the-art collision center take care of everything, returning your vehicle to manufacturer specifications quickly and efficiently so you can safely get back on the road.

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The Body Shop at Mullinax Ford of West Palm Beach serves West Palm Beach, the greater Palm Beach area, Delray and Boynton Beach. We are open five days a week for your convenience. Contact us now to schedule a repair and keep your vehicle looking like new.

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